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ASL and SEE - a continuum?

In the past couple months, I have been watching an increasing number of vlogs with variable hit rate on comprehension. At the same time I am studying a couple books, one which delves heavily into ASL syntax.

One thing I notice is that there SEEMS to be quite a bit of acceptable syntax variability between signers. Do signers all fall somewhere on a continuum between ASL and SEE? Or is there a certain amount of variability between ASL signers and a huge chasm between ASL and SEE? (i.e. two distinct groups with variability within themselves only)

Maybe an example. Seek Geo's Hell's Kitchen recaps seem to me to be in a somewhat English word-order. Do I just notice this because he captions his vlogs and my high comprehension of his ASL then seems to come more easily/naturally to me?

I'm really confused here. Can't wait for my ASL class to start in 5 weeks!