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My daughter's first sign

My daughter knows a couple signs now, but it is still hard because she often doesn't realize I am identifying something. It should get easier soon, as her spoken language is taking off like a rocket now.

My Prius = a big middle finger to Exxon's record profit

So I kicked my old car to the curb this week and bought a Toyota Prius. After just over 200 miles on the odometer, I am averaging 48 mpg in fairly cold weather, which should mean 55 mpg during warmer weather.

Today's new about Exxon beating their previous profit (which in itself was a corporate record) confirmed my decision to buy my Prius. I am tired of padding the pockets of these money-grubbing bastards. I am tired of not having a choice. Sure, my car still uses gas, but I am using 320 gallons less per year, and my old car got a lofty 25 mpg compared to big SUVs.

Man this pisses me off. Where are the fuel cells? Where is solar energy? I'm not a tree hugger, I'm just tired of making other people rich...