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First vlog

I decided to do an introduction vlog now that my first year of classes are done. I took three 8-week classes at a local Deaf association. The classes met for 2 hours per week and we finished the blue "Signing Naturally" book. We are meeting once a week during the summer to "just chat" so we don't lose too much before the next class starts in September


Hi, I'm Aaron! This is my first vlog. I am not Deaf, I am HoH. I am married and have two daughters, age 8 and 2. My wife is pregnant and we will have a new baby in about 3 weeks. No idea if it will be a boy or girl. I am excited! I grew up in CA, went to CSUF. I majored in chemistry, and also studied physics, math, and French. Now I know English, French, and learning sign for one year. I love movies (have huge TV), pool, darts, photography.