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So I chose ZVRS

A few ZVRS people came and gave a great presentation at Deaf Family Night several days ago.  Impressive stuff, and it appears overall to be the best choice for me right now.

I'm getting the Z-340, and I will use the Z4 software on my Mac and iPhone also.  Now just waiting for my hardware to arrive!  I'm still kind of sad I couldn't get the Z20 for free, since I don't have a competitive VP to trade, but the Z340 looks pretty nice, and I like that I can take it on trips with me.

Switched at Birth - bold writing choices last night!

I was really impressed with the bold choices made last night, exposing some pretty edgy topics in Deaf culture.

The new character Travis is first shown as a strong Deaf militant, intolerant of Hearing people, intolerant of Daphne's intermixing with Hearing and Deaf, and just bitter.  Then the writers connected that behavior with another controversial topic:  Deaf kids in Hearing families who don't learn sign.

I really like that this episode exposed two controversial topics to the masses, who may otherwise be ignorant of their very existence!  Handwaves!!