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World got even quieter...

Well I guess it's time to get back in for an adjustment.  I graphed my audiograms over the years.

Regal Captioned Movies via Sony Glasses - Followup

I went to see Dark Knight Rises tonight, so I got to use the caption glasses again.  This time armed with the information from my last post, I adjusted them and got even better performance from them.

The little box thing that the glasses plug into has three buttons:  the middle button is "menu" and then a + and - button.  I pressed menu and adjusted the brightness of the captions to where I wanted them.  Then I pressed menu again and was able to adjust the captions "near", "mid", or "far".  This was really wonderful and solved my major complaint from last time.  My vision is normal, but setting the captions to "far" meant that the captions were much closer to the screen in terms of focusing my eyes to see the movie or the captions  (set to near, it feels more like changing focus from he movie screen to a mobile phone in your hand, which caused me fatigue my first time).

The only remaining complaint focuses around the weight of the glas…