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DVD Captions - what is going on??

I tend to watch a lot of movies and not so much TV. Why does it seem as though captions are getting worse as time goes on, even though technology is clearly getting better?

Over the last few weeks, I have rented a couple DVDs that do not give the option to turn on English captions in the menus, even though they are CC movies. I have a very recent Blu-Ray player, hooked to a very new TV model, using an HDMI cable. I am not somehow lagging behind the technology curve. But even with my CC turned on in my TV settings, no captions show for these movies, so I must resort to watching movies like this on my Macbook, which will display the closed-captions.

Is it really this difficult to put an option in the DVD menu to turn on English captions??? To add insult to injury, both of these movies had menu options to turn on foreign subtitles like Spanish and French. I'm very annoyed to be using state-of-the-art equipment on brand new movies, and still cannot see captions. *sigh*