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The nice thing about BTE aids

I have always had ITE type hearing aids up until I got my Cobalts last year around this time. A couple weeks ago I really got to enjoy perhaps the biggest benefit of BTE aids. My left aid was on the blink, so I sent it back to be repaired. Since my left ear has much higher speech discrimination, I was able to simply put my left receiver on my right aid and wear it like that for a week. Turns out the receiver was also having a problem. Within one day, I had new receivers on my doorstep courtesy of my very nice audiologist, and the difference was unbelievable--like having brand new hearing aids. For any of you wondering about going BTE, it is 100% better in my opinion.

One thing I actually miss about my ITE type aids is their visibility. I find it very helpful for people to see my aids, and thus be able to make an educated guess as to why I am asking them to repeat themselves. My BTE's are nearly invisible, but I suppose some people would like that.