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Comcast charging for captions?!

I subscribe to every movie channel, which means full, free access to all OnDemand movies for those channels.

The other night I tried to watch Matchstick Men (made in 2003) in HD and it had no captions.  This wasn't a technical problem because the info actually was missing the "CC" icon which denotes movies that include captions.

Not to fear, there was another listing for the same movie and it showed "CC" icon.  Great, right?  That version costs $3.99 to watch!

Tips for traveling in London and the UK with an iPhone

I've learned a few new things that make travel in London a lot easier and thought I would share a few.  I use an iPhone on AT&T and it is a huge help to be able to fully use it in London--of course this means getting creative, or forking over a kidney to AT&T.

For Data
Obviously many plans are limited to UK citizens who want a contract.  This clearly doesn't work for visitors.  If you don't mind jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone, there are tons of good plans where you buy a pay-as-you-go sim card for the iPhone.  Data rates are very cheap compared to the US.  The main carriers that offer this are O2, Orange, Vodaphone, and Three.

A second option is wifi.  London is fairly well blanketed, and I see BTOpenzone everywhere.  TheCloud is also rumored to be good.  Finding free wifi is not as easy.

A final option, and the one I went with, is really great if you ever plan to visit again in the near future, or need lots of data.  The UK mobile company Three sells a py-a…