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Update on New-Year Health Goals

My New-Year health goals have been somewhat successful. On one hand, I have already shed 20 of the 25 pounds for my weight goal by simply making better food choices. I find this part incredibly easy. On the other hand, I am the perennial cardio-slacker and have only put 28 miles on my bike odometer.

I can give myself a little leeway here because I have been sick 3 weeks this year already--have I mentioned that my kids apparently carry the plague with them? It also takes a little more discipline than in the past because I can only ride if I wake up well before the kids, or if I bike after work, which I hate doing so late at night.

I'll be happy if I can make the weight goal and maybe approach the bike goal. Can't win all the battles sometimes. Maybe a compromise by losing more than 25 pounds to make up for my bike goal??