Sunday, May 31, 2009

Universal Signs - good movie

I saw this movie yesterday at the Keswick in Philadelphia and was very impressed. I went to the 1pm show and there was a pretty good turnout, although I'm sure lots more went to the 7pm show. The movie had a good plot, nice directing, and a few good laughs. It was great to see such a varied audience, too. Lots of Deaf, HoH, and Hearing all enjoying the film. It was great to be around so many signers. The writer/director and main actors were all there, also.

Definitely buy the DVD when it comes out in September!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rexton Cobalt - Retuned, WOW

I went in today for a followup tuning of my new hearing aids. My main issues that I needed addressed:

1) There was heavy distortion on the main programs in loud environments, making speech very difficult to interpret
2) Certain types of loud sounds were overwhelming me in my normal programs
3) We forgot to add the programs for Bluetooth phone and Direct audio connections during the first fitting

We took out most of the compression in the main program, removing all traces of distortion, but that still left the overwhelming sounds. We walked through various frequencies over the speakers and found that I had a huge peak at about 1000Hz, right in the middle of the speech range, so we knocked the gain down at that frequency and everything was PERFECT. My main program is really great now.

Took a couple times to get the Bluetooth and Direct audio programs to sound right, and I think I will still need one more visit to get these a little better, but overall they sound pretty good. Hooked my iPod to my bluetooth unit and even though music sounds a little on the tinny side, everything is very clear, which makes me happy. For those of you that don't know, listening to music from speakers or televisions normally sounds bad with hearing aids. There is something about electronic sources going through another electronic circuit (the hearing aid) that kills quality. So the direct audio program bypasses the microphones and passes music directly from a TV or iPod to your hearing aid speakers--WONDERFUL!

Overall, I am pretty happy now. I will probably go back in for another retune in a couple months and see if we can get music to sound a little more natural.