Friday, February 1, 2008

My Prius = a big middle finger to Exxon's record profit

So I kicked my old car to the curb this week and bought a Toyota Prius. After just over 200 miles on the odometer, I am averaging 48 mpg in fairly cold weather, which should mean 55 mpg during warmer weather.

Today's new about Exxon beating their previous profit (which in itself was a corporate record) confirmed my decision to buy my Prius. I am tired of padding the pockets of these money-grubbing bastards. I am tired of not having a choice. Sure, my car still uses gas, but I am using 320 gallons less per year, and my old car got a lofty 25 mpg compared to big SUVs.

Man this pisses me off. Where are the fuel cells? Where is solar energy? I'm not a tree hugger, I'm just tired of making other people rich...


Lantana said...

Tell us more about your Prius. I am considering one myself

Eric Mooney said...

I too am tired of being owned by these big companies and feeling like I don't have other options.

1. Lowered my mobile phone plan to $30 a month with Sprint SERO.

2. Lowered my cable bill from $130 to $52. Just watch the good stuff over the internet.

3. Need to work on the car next and the Prius is in my site. Just need to do more research.

Let's here some more details about the Prius!