First vlog

I decided to do an introduction vlog now that my first year of classes are done. I took three 8-week classes at a local Deaf association. The classes met for 2 hours per week and we finished the blue "Signing Naturally" book. We are meeting once a week during the summer to "just chat" so we don't lose too much before the next class starts in September


Hi, I'm Aaron! This is my first vlog. I am not Deaf, I am HoH. I am married and have two daughters, age 8 and 2. My wife is pregnant and we will have a new baby in about 3 weeks. No idea if it will be a boy or girl. I am excited! I grew up in CA, went to CSUF. I majored in chemistry, and also studied physics, math, and French. Now I know English, French, and learning sign for one year. I love movies (have huge TV), pool, darts, photography.


Seek Geo said…
Ohh.. I must say how so proud I am of you! You did fantastic job doing ASL on your first video. I remember months ago, you don't know ASL but now look at you!! :-D

I can tell you did well in ASL class ad keep it up, look forward to see more of your ASL skill!

*ist said…
Excellent job on your first VLOG! Looking forward to more and more vlogs from you! Don't let your ASL skills erode over the summer, there's plenty of deaf events for you to tune up your skills, but you being a father of two (soon to be three), you've got your hands full!

Nonetheless, great job. Kudos! Welcome to the vlog world!
LaRonda said…
Welcome Aaron! Nice to get to know a little about you. I'm also from Fresno, though now I'm a Bay Area resident. Keep up with your ASL. You've got a great attitude! It will take you far! Have you always been hard of hearing or did you start losing your hearing later in life? Curious.

ck said…
Welcome, we need more vblogs by people learning ASL, especially by people like you. Multiply your story by thousands to show learning sign, in addition to whatever you have, speech or not, is a beautiful process every deaf children/adults and the hearing people around them could do. Coast your way into fluent signing WELL, I give wishes to you.
Wow! You are so brave to start a vlog. Welcome to Deafread!
IamMine said…
One year?

Impressive!!! I understood you very clearly! :)

3rd on the way, eh? 2 kids are nothing as you will soon find out... LMAO!!!

When we had our 3rd, we were astonished at how much more work it was with 3 children compared to only 2 kids.

We have four kids now - 15, 12 1/2, 11 and 6.

Yes, we are done... hubby finally had the courage to face the big 'V'. ;)

Aaron said…
thanks for all the kind words. maybe I'm just camera shy, but I definitely found it tough to put up a public post in a new language. I am very excited at the prospect of taking the 2nd year course.

to answer the question above: I have always been moderately HoH (threshold was like 40dB in 2nd grade) and it has linearly degraded since then. I believe my threshold is about 75-80dB last time I was checked. Without my aids, I am effectively deaf.
Deb Ann said…
I'm so impressed! You're great :)

Congrats! I'm so excited for you, too. I'm going to be a new grandma in Feb! I have four beautiful kids plus one (my new oldest daughter's husband)

I look forward to more and more of your vlogs! :)
Abbie said…
Aaron, you did a fantastic job! I understood you without reading your transcript :)
Deb said…
Wow. Nice job. I didn't understand it at all - but sure looked like you knew what you were doing. :)

My son is HOH... and we do not sign... but, we both want to learn. He plans to taks ASL as a langauage in Middle School - and I am thinking of just taking it through work or something.

Also - congrats on the baby on the way. Exciting!

We have one other thing in common... billiards... I love 8-ball. Use to be on a league with my brothers. I miss it. Still play when I can, though. I get accused of being a shark all the time... but, not because I'm especially good... more because I'm a woman and can make a ball in.


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