The nice thing about BTE aids

I have always had ITE type hearing aids up until I got my Cobalts last year around this time. A couple weeks ago I really got to enjoy perhaps the biggest benefit of BTE aids. My left aid was on the blink, so I sent it back to be repaired. Since my left ear has much higher speech discrimination, I was able to simply put my left receiver on my right aid and wear it like that for a week. Turns out the receiver was also having a problem. Within one day, I had new receivers on my doorstep courtesy of my very nice audiologist, and the difference was unbelievable--like having brand new hearing aids. For any of you wondering about going BTE, it is 100% better in my opinion.

One thing I actually miss about my ITE type aids is their visibility. I find it very helpful for people to see my aids, and thus be able to make an educated guess as to why I am asking them to repeat themselves. My BTE's are nearly invisible, but I suppose some people would like that.


kim said…
I think it's ironic that you miss your ITE's because they were more 'noticable' when they first marketed the ITE's they tried to convince everyone they were LESS noticeable. lol. I always thought the BTE's were harder to see, plus they have always offered more, since the size allows for more features.

My BTE's are zebra striped. Everyone thinks they're cool when I take them off to show them, but no one can see them in my ears, even with the big clunky ear molds I wear.

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