Comcast charging for captions?!

I subscribe to every movie channel, which means full, free access to all OnDemand movies for those channels.

The other night I tried to watch Matchstick Men (made in 2003) in HD and it had no captions.  This wasn't a technical problem because the info actually was missing the "CC" icon which denotes movies that include captions.

Not to fear, there was another listing for the same movie and it showed "CC" icon.  Great, right?  That version costs $3.99 to watch!


(e said…
Hmm, interesting. Perhaps this was a mistake?

I would see if there are other movies that are captioned which they expect you to pay for while there are free versions without captions.

I will look and see if this is something they are doing with other movies. Because if it seems as if they are expecting us to pay for captions, they will be hearing from me!
Anonymous said…
Redbox did this one time. They usually associate closed captioning with extras (trailers, cut off themes,interviews) that come with DVDs.

companies keep making the same mistakes, I think we a legislation to make it clear that subtitles/closed captions are NOT extras but necessary accessibility.
Nesmuth said…
Sorry you feel sad for this kind of news to be happening, but, you all asked for it. The video blogs you see on this page, , are most likely the ones that influenced the folks who played roles in the decisions that made this kind of news.
(e said…

What do you mean we "asked for it"? Who is "you all"? What do the people you mentioned have to do with this?

When you say "you all", do you mean deaf people who use sign language? Deaf cultured people? Hard of hearing people? People who acquired deafness during their adult years? People with moderate hearing loss? Mild? Severe? Profound? Mixed? People with typical hearing who enjoy using captions?

You said that the videos you mentioned most likely influenced the decisions of corporations when providing captions, I doubt that they are spending their time watching these videos or caring what these people have to say.

How dare you say we asked for it.
What a crappy thing to say.

How about instead of placing blame on us, you figure out how we can continue to enjoy the option of captions. What are you doing to help?
MacFreak1979 said…
Wait a minute?! They change you for to use captions?! That is not fair, it's like change hearing people for sound! This is ridiculous!

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