ASL class ending next week--boo

I have really enjoyed learning ASL every week for the last 8 months. It has been truly helpful, and now I can see how far I've come, and see just how far I must go. My teacher was wonderfully patient for our class, and really helpful. I think we started with about 20 people, and now we end with 9. Sad, but I believe the remaining 9 will all take the 2nd level class in September. I know I can't wait.

I definitely enjoy watching vlogs more now, because I can understand a lot more than 8 months ago when I was just studying on my own from books. Thanks to all those who have been encouraging to me!


Deb Ann said…
Way to go! I'll try to make one or two vlogs by next week.
jellyfish said…
Good for you!
Congrats on learning ASL.
Seek said…
Hi Aaron!

Awesome, I bet you are doing well with ASL! Wow.. from 20 to 9, I wonder why. That's a large number loss, that sucks but at least 9 of you sticked around! :-)

Look forward to one day when you finally have guts to do video! *grins*

You rock!

Kelly Garrett said…
Hey Aaron,

Sorry to hear that. I have had quite a few problems finding ASL classes myself. When I did find one my hectic schedule kept getting in the way.

I found a decent computer based course that got me off the ground. Have you tried any of those?

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