Iron Man - Movie Review

I saw Iron Man last night on a very large DLP screen, and all I can say is if you have not seen it, you should go while it is still on the big screen!

First, Robert Downey Jr gives a spectacular performance. He manages to play the slick public-figure-type guy, the get-your-hands-dirty-genius-inventor guy, and the "Jon Stewart-ish" witty comic all rolled into one. He really was the perfect fit for the role.

Jeff Bridges also gives an unbelievable performance. The quality of his acting really shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, given his past roles. It's nice to see that he's never really been typecast into a certain kind of role.

The video and sound quality was really staggering. The special effects were good enough that the line between real and CGI is basically invisible, and the overall physics in the movie is really lightyears beyond similar movies like Spiderman. I generally don't mind suspending my disbelief for comic book type movies when it comes to dismal physics, but it was truly refreshing to see mostly-real physics in effect in Iron Man.

I see quite a lot of movies in every genre except horror, and I gotta say this is most likely the best movie I have seen in 1-2 years. A+


Banjo said…
I am looking forward to this movie on Blu-ray and it will be projected onto a big screen that is approximately 100 inches wide or more. The reason why I am not seeing as many movies as I used to at the theatres is due to the lack of captioning. I do go once in a blue moon, but not much.

DLP projectors at theatres are around 2K to 4K in resolution. However, at home, 1080p is perfectly suitable when projected upon a big wall.

At a theatre, it has to be at least 2K to 4K so it will look good on a screen of that size.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, and I bet I will too once it's on Blu-ray and DVD this fall!
Bill said…
It is my favorite (now) of all the "comic book" movies. I was really impressed, and everyone at the (theatre) office enjoyed it.

You saw it in DLP - was it captioned?

AFAIK, captioning is not available on our DLP projectors yet. We still use 35mm for captions.
Aaron said…
It was not captioned, BUT it is a very HoH/Deaf friendly movie. There really isn't a conversation you cannot do without in the movie--the plot line is extremely simple. I've never seen the Iron Man comic books, and I didn't feel like I missed anything at the end of the movie, as is sometimes the case with these types, especially if you miss dialogue.
Banjo said…
Hmm, maybe I'll check it out then.

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