Happy New Year! ...and some health goals

Okay, I'm gonna take the bait. I am not one to make New Year's resolutions, but this year it seems right. In 2007 I lost 45 pounds by eating right and getting a pretty small amount of exercise. In 2008 I completely slacked off and gained 25 of it back. So I will make goals in 2 levels: level 1 will be completely achievable, and level 2 will be difficult to achieve:

Level 1 goals:
-drop 25 pounds by 12/31/2009
-ride 450 miles by 12/31/2009

Level 2 goals:
-drop 50 pounds by 12/31/2009
-ride 600 miles by 12/31/2009

My bike computer odometer currently reads: 96.7


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