London - HoH paradise?

Having recently visited London for the first time, I couldn't help but notice all the signs in various places marking telecoil access. Supermarkets, public transportation, etc. My aids don't have a telecoil, but this just seems like such a great step in the right direction. The best we seem to get in the USA is "press this button to make something louder and full of distortion". At any rate, bravo London!


Hi Aaron,
I was in London last summer and was very impressed with how deaf friendly the city was too. You may be interested in reading my experiences on this post Traveling in London with a Hearing Loss. Will you be sharing more about your time in London?
MM said…
Great if your Hard of Hearing not so great if you sign, in London a charity we are not allowed to advertise here, did a survey and found loops for hearing aid users in most areas were simply not switched on, were inoperative or the staff didn't know how to utilise them, so posters is all you saw apparently.of course OUTSIDE London there is nothing you have to have perspective. Bristol e.g. was the least accessible city in the UK for deaf people.... (And home to deaf studies...)
Hearing Aids said…
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Michelle said…
cool! great to hear it! what kind of services at supermarkets would you use the T-coil with?

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