xfinity iPad app - no captions!?

So I just downloaded the xfinity iPad app, and I am able to watch shows right there on the iPad.  Great, right?  WRONG!

xfinity has joined the ranks of companies who apparently don't care about accessibility for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people who rely on subtitles to watch TV and movies.  It used to be if you wanted captions, you have to miss it at the movie theater and wait for it on DVD.  Now companies who rent comprehensive selections of movies (e.g. Netflix) will charge you for a DVD and not provide captions online.  I can't wait until xfinity decides to go all online and we can be totally screwed.

Hey, FCC, are you asleep at the wheel?  Or maybe you buy into their nonsense that somehow technology isn't advanced enough to be able to provide captions on streaming Internet video?


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