DirecTV on Continental Airlines - NO captions!?

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Continental Airlines has LCD screens in all seat backs this last week. Wow, how this will make my 6-hour flights pass by more quickly. EPIC FAIL!

There is no way to enable CC on their systems. Isn't there some law against this? Seriously unbelievable that in 2011 we can stream whole movies on computers smaller than our hands and we still somehow lack to "technology" to accommodate Deaf and HoH needs to captioned video.

Thanks for nothing, Continental.


Seek Geo said…
Do you know how many inch per screen they are have? From what I understand, by law all 13 inches or above must be added chip for CC feature for all TVs.

Anything that goes below 13 inches - no needed. But I agree, they should at least have the feature available for us all regardless.
Aaron said…
Oh wow, I did not know that! They were definitely not larger than 13 inches. But I mean, with the current high-resolution panels, even the iPad has plenty of room for captions and they look very clear.
Seek Geo said…
*Do you know how many inch for LCD screens? - Sorry.

Since you said on back of chairs so I'd assume a lot less than 13 inch.


Read below: Legislative development in the U.S.
Nesmuth said…
If you want to see what's an open captioned video looks like in youtube, take a peek at;

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