Switched at Birth - lazy signing?

I watched the premiere of Switched at Birth last night, and although people on the show are improving on their signing skill, it seems like even the Deaf characters are using some lazy signing (but mostly the Hearing characters).  Unlike most newbie signers, the Hearing characters have a really decent "flow", but still, I see a lot of lazy signing all around.

Obviously, if the show were realistic, we would be seeing choppy, malformed signing for years, which doesn't make for good TV.  What do you all think?


Anonymous said…
I have not seen the show as I am from the UK. Wish I could see it, as it sounds good from what I've heard. :)

I say they are keeping with reality as you say, you see lazy signing around you, so they are going with that.

The question is, as the show progresses, whether you will see them improve. Because if the characters are using it alot, then there should be improvement I would say later in the show, as they learn more. So time will tell. :)
Art said…
Liz, try watching on Hulu.com. That's were I can watch the show.

Signing wasn't too good - but it is first show back from vacation. First time I needed CC to catch full meaning of what was signed.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your suggestion of where I could watch, but because I live outside the United States, I'm unable to watch it, as said on their website when I tried.

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