5 years of ASL classes - DONE!

I simply cannot believe that five years has blown by like a freight train.  It seems like yesterday I walked into that beginning class and took like 2 minutes to finger spell my 5-letter name.

It has been a wonderful experience, and I have met some people I hope to know the rest of my life.  Even after five years, I still feel like somewhat of a noob.  I guess I have to keep remembering that many of the people I meet have been signing all or most of their lives.  Nonetheless, I am ultimately thankful for my new ability to successfully use an interpreter!

I hope I can attend, or even help set up some more local casual events.  There don't seem to be many right now, and it would be great to use my ASL more with fluent signers.


Anonymous said…
Congrats Aaron! I am a book publicist representing a book I think you might be interested in reviewing. Please email me at dchanwork@gmail.com Thanks!

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