Lots and lots of healing.  The body is a pretty amazing piece of work.  I had a noticeable amount of swelling on the CI side of my face yesterday (day 2).  I don't really need any pain meds anymore--it just feels like a long-lived headache now.  I still can't chew properly because it seems the jaw muscles are very much connected to the muscles near the temple, and that region hurts like a bitch when I try to chew anything beyond yogurt/pudding.  Also the swelling in the ear area seems to be where a lot of the jaw action takes place, and that isn't pleasant either...

So day one was almost all sleep.  Day two, I was awake for roughly 5-6 hours total.  Today I have been awake for over 4 hours and still not drained.

All in all, I'm in surprisingly good shape.  Can't wait to feel completely normal again.  I feel the knock of boredom coming really soon.


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