A new hearie in the Deaf world

So I have been toying around with learning ASL for quite some time now. I tend to be a very busy guy, so I make sure I am fully interested in something before I commit--doing something half-ass is not my style.

I was born with hearing loss that has progressed more rapidly than I would have liked. I have had hearing aids for 8 years now and they are a tremendous help. I started with CICs and then moved to ITE because I needed more power. Without them I surely would be have to be more fluent in ASL, or else I would be really non-functional and isolated. I have been researching the Deaf community lately and am really astounded how much I never knew about. I honestly thought ASL was just English words in sign form using English grammar. I think this misconception is really widespread among hearies, and probably furthers false stereotypes that deafies aren't particularly intelligent (since they can't even write proper English). Can't be any dumber than the average American who isn't fluent in more than just English!

It does kind of suck to be stuck in between the two worlds, too. I love to watch ASL vlogs, but cannot understand them because they aren't captioned. And I don't know anyone who is fluent in ASL, so I am going to have to be very committed to learning until I meet some. I bought Signing Naturally with the DVD because I am finding it difficult to make out what some of the signs should look like using a couple frames of pictures. Anxiously awaiting its arrival in a couple more days!

Cheers to all. I looks forward to learning more over the coming weeks, months, and years. Hope I find some people to talk to, and maybe will find the courage sometime soon to post my first vlog.


moi said…
Aaron, welcome to our world! *smile* I found your blog via a comment you left on someone else's blog. You appear to want to reach out, and if I'm correct in my "read," you might want to consider adding your blog to DeafRead.com's rolls. I think many of us would be interested and willing to answer your questions. :)
Dianrez said…
I am with Moi. Welcome to our blog community and feel free to ask all the questions you want, similar to the hearing Talkie who blogs to ask questions and gets a generous response from both d/Deaf readers.

We'll all also be interested in reading of your journey, your impressions and tidbits of enlightenment as you explore this added new community.
Carrie said…

A big welcome to you! I am so happy to "hear" you bought Signing Naturally to practice with. My question... are you taking an ASL class? You may want to ask your teacher about any Deaf events that happen in your area. There's gotta be something/someone out there near you who can show you around the Deaf world in your area. :) Meanwhile, please keep blogging! :)

Carrie Gellibrand
Bill said…
Hi - I am a hearing dude, learning very slowly - and my local ASL Comm. College classes are all booked.

Got a nice guy helping me though.

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