ASL class starts today - Level TWO!!

I am really excited about taking the level 2 class this year. We were all really worried that it wasn't going to happen since we needed a minimum number of people and a couple people from level 1 moved away over the summer. So it is very welcome news that the class is happening, and I am really looking forward to taking my ASL to the next level!!


Deb Ann said…
Yea! So happy for you! Way to go :)
Abbie said…
I wish you the best of luck! :)
Kim said…
Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been taking ASL for awhile now. The CC I took classes last year only offered through 203, (I think that's the right number). Anyway, last spring my Deaf prof applied to teach the next level, but it takes awhile to get the papers rolling and everything set in stone. I'm anxiously waiting to find out when the next level will start-- hoping for winter quarter. The hard part it I've been told I'll have to work one night a week now, and I'm not sure which nights the classes will be offered. The other CC an hour away offers the next level but only during the day. Those who say it's "easy" to find ASL classes don't take into account the reality of working parents with other children who may also have scheduling conflicts. Families are so busy. I have some flexability with my job. I worry that I'm already losing what I learned last year, so desperately want to take more classes. I live in a semi-rural small community where there aren't many Deaf people

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