Pediatric Audiologist - Update

So we went to NYU for an EOAE test and my son promptly failed. So we went directly to an ABR test, bone conduction, and tympanogram. Basically, he can hear with a threshold of about 35dB as far as we can tell, and any loss is almost certainly sensorineural like mine. We have a few other tests and ENT appointment, but that's really the information we needed to make choices with.

Basically, we will do what we can to make sure he is bilingual, and we will have much help with that task. My 2 year old daughter now knows about 20 signs--not nearly as many as a deaf 2 year old would, but I am very pleased.

More to come...


mishkazena said…
By immediately exposing him to ASL, you are giving him a good start in the language development area.
Abbie said…
I have you and your son in my thoughts Aaron!

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