Followup Opinion - Rexton Cobalts

So I've worn my new hearing aids a few full days now. They are nice, but they definitely need a re-tuning badly. I am going back in a week from today.

Biggest complaints so far:
-Music sounds like total crap while I'm driving. Maybe it's all the compression, but it just sounds like it runs through a tiny AM radio first and then through my speakers. The "Music" program makes things sound better, but road noise is unbearable. I didn't really have this problem with my old ears, but then my gain wasn't as high.
-Voices also tend to sound really distorted in loud environments--again I think this is the huge amount of compression we put on. I want clear sound in all environments, but I want my aids to supress sounds that are too loud.
-The remote is very nice, if not a tad heavy. Funny, people wants phones heavy like the iphone because that makes them feel "substantial". This remote definitely doesn't fall into that category--I want it LIGHT.
-Of course, we need to configure bluetooth and direct audio still.

High points:
-These things are tiny. My right ear canal is having a little soreness, but then this happened with every new set of aids I have ever had. I think my canals just need to acclimate.
-The compression does a far job at supressing loud, sharp sounds like something falling on the floor (or me coughing, hah)

I can't wait to get them retuned. I have high hopes for them, and they seem to be up to the challenge.


kim said…
All of this is one reason I've been putting off getting new aids. Getting used to everything all over again seems like so much work. But it's time. I look forward to hearing what you think about them after they've been adjusted. My last pair needing adjusting over and over before we got it just right.
This is a followup to both the post and what Kim said. Get an audiogram and save yourself some heartache. Properly programming your hearing aid from an audiogram specific to you level of hearing works wonders for your aid settings and will provide consistent hearing. Your local office should be able to schedule a test. Contact us if you need help.
Aaron said…
We programmed my new aids with my current audiogram. Fine-tuning the settings on aids this complex is no trivial task, especially when I am a very experienced user and know exactly what I want to hear from these things.

I would imagine a new wearer would be thrilled with what I am hearing. Relatively speaking, they are working quite well, but I know they can do much better, especially with music.

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