Pictures of my Rexton Cobalts

I ordered my new Rexton hearing aids in silver and also ordered a an optional kit to convert them to blue. I wanted half and half, so I exchanged a couple of the silver parts out with blue parts. Here is what they look like now (dime shows just how tiny these things are):


Anonymous said…
Have you ever used a pocket talker before? Currently I couldn't manage work without it. I wonder if the Rextons are compatible with a pocket talker or if blue tooth works with that. I don't understand how blue tooth technology works compared to the telecoil technology used in the past for phone use. I am curious if blue tooth would work for me. Can you answer any of these questions?
kim said…
I love the blue color. :-). I am really curious about the blue tooth technology and don't understand it at all. How does it compare to FM telecoil technology? I have a sidekick, and would love to be able to hear with it. Currently use for tesxting and as a dayplanner. I use a pocket talker at work. Do they have bluetooth pocket talkers? Am really interested in this. Can you tell me where to find info on all that?
Aaron said…
I have never tried a pocket talker. My hearing loss is very severe in the middle and higher frequencies and not very bad in the lower frequencies. So really, pure amplification doesn't do me much good unless I can really regulate the curve of the amplification per frequencies.

Bluetooth is going to be much better than telecoil. My new aids do not have coils--as you can see they are TINY. I don't think you're going to find any inexpensive bluetooth gadgets, since bluetooth is a licensed technology, making it inherently pricey.
Dr.Rutledge said…
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