Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ASL class!!

After searching every local college and university, I found a local Deaf organization that offers very reasonably priced ASL classes. Hopefully it fits into my fall schedule.

I am really enjoying watching peoples' vlogs. Between Signing Naturally, Lifeprint, and ASL Pro dictionary I feel like I am actually "getting" much more over the last month. I am still amazed at how fast Deaf fingerspell--usually by the time I realize they are fingerspelling, the word is complete and I have missed it entirely. Ouch.



heather :] said...

lolol fingerspelling's like those silly chain emails that's as such: jmbuled wrods can sltil be raed esialy as lnog as the frsit and lsat ltetrs raemin the smae.

all we do is sign the first and last letter correctly ; )

HoH -- learning ASL said...

so funny. an irc friend whose brother is Deaf told me the same thing. makes sense, but makes it rough for beginners like me =)

moi said...

There are actually rules governing fingerspelling. I'd strongly recommend taking a fingerspelling class after taking 3 semesters' worth of ASL. There are some videotapes floating out there describing the rules. Heather is partially correct - the first and last letter are important, but there is more to it than that. :)

OCDAC said...

We're developing a web based ASL class offering. So people can learn ASL in their pajamas!