ASL progress!

I am loving watching vlogs. Favorites so far: pickled-relish, SeekGeo, and ABC. I definitely feel progress in how many signs I am able to catch, which is very encouraging. We bought a video camera to film our baby, so maybe I will post a vlog introducing myself in the next month or so--still very shaky on ASL word order so I will work on that a bit more before even attempting a vlog.


Seek said…

Thanks for mentioning me and other two! :-D Glad you like it and I definitely look forward to a video of yours to intro yourself.

I know it's a little too late but wanted to say congrats on your baby!

Have a great day! :-D

Aaron said…
SG: thanks for the kind words! I created and put the first video of my daughter on google video yesterday, so I am hopefully not far from posting my first vlog. I love how easy my Mac makes a video with my new DV camera. wow.

john: I am having fun trying to figure out what you said. Loved your tree-chopping video the other day!!

heather :] said…
I anticipate your future vLogs!!

Man I'm in no way 'fluent' in ASL, but I sure do hope you're picking up signs.

Keep on bloggin'


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