Could air travel be any less HoH friendly??

I had to travel coast-to-coast yesterday returning from a very short-duration trip. For this reason my packing was extremely light and not well-thought-out. When I first arrived at the airport, one of my ear batteries died...doh. Oh please please please don't let the other one die. I checked all the stores in the terminal, and of course they don't carry ear batteries.

Of course, security cannot be bothered to have any written instructions posted anywhere. Do they want your shoes on or off this week? The people calling out boarding instructions couldn't be more unintelligible as they scream into the microphone they are presumably trying to eat (why else would they cram it against their mouth?). When exactly are crucial places like airports going to become more friendly to those of us who cannot hear?

I won't be forgetting spare batteries for future air travel, that much is certain.


Lantana said…
Well, we all have to be responsible for ourselves. If not who will be responsible for you?

I have found airports to be pretty kind to deaf people, particularly the Black staff, they seem to have more compassion, being a minority themselves.

I ALWAYS let the boarding desk know that I am deaf and cannot hear the loud speakers. And often I have sought out a friendly face who is obviously going to be on the same flight and ask their help in case of any gate changes, etc. Sacramento is particularly bad because of the fog and they change gates on you rapidly sometimes! On one occasion I seeked out a group of Black teenage girls and they took me under their wing! I will never forget their kindness and their beautiful cornrows!

Aaron said…
valid points, but given the low price of flat panels these days, would it kill the airlines to put up a screen that posts what rows/groups they are boarding?

most times my hearing wife cannot decipher what they're saying over all the noise.
Geo said…

What I usually do is just to join the group whenever they are boarding, then they see my ticket and say I have to step aside because my seat number is not included on the list. All I had to do is to say that I can't hear. So they just let me go in.

I notice that for most part, people at airport have been extremely friendly with Deafies IMO.. or perhaps I was just in luck each time.

But, I agreed it would have been nice if they post a sign or something so we all can read because not everyone can hear due to noises like you said.

amanda said…
Security is a bit of a hassle, I agree, but I just follow what other people are doing (Shoes? no shoes?) and as for boarding, I always go up to the desk and they always have me board first! I felt funny about this at first, but it really helps -- no trouble figuring out when to get in line and then plenty of space to move around as you put your baggage up in storage, or under your seat! One of those times being Deaf or HoH is a perk! ;)

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